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The warehouses in Atitech develop on a total area of 1436 square meters divided as follows:

  • Warehouse receiving surface 163 sq.m.
  • Quarantine Area 13 sq.m.
  • Luggage materials owned customers 80 sq.m.
  • Warehouse distribution (main store) 956 sq.m.
  • Office warehouse shipping 150 sq.m.
  • Luggage flammable materials 47sqm
  • Vertical storage automated (No. 2)
  • Local parts discarded 27 sqm

In MAIN STORE warehouse, are allocated about 30573 parts, mainly consist of consumables (screws, gaskets, adhesives, filters, etc) by type and managed with FIFO system (First in first out). Inside the warehouse there are a few systems for temperatures controlling in order to to allow the best preservation of the parties.

The two VERTICAL STOREs, are located inside the hangar AVIO 2. Each one of those, consists of two fronts of superimposed shelves in which are housed metal drawers having characteristics compatible with the materials to be stored. Each drawer contains more cells in which are allocated the materials ; the cells have different sizes in relation to the volume of materials to be stored for each vertical magazine (# 115 trays dim. 180X84 cm; 10- 125 cells per drawer; total PP / NN allocable: 13000 approx).

The system is operated by its own software, operated by staff at the Warehouse, which provides:

  • The inclusion of input regarding an application material received;
  • The removal of the material from the cell;
  • The load of the material.

The FLAMMABLE STORE contains materials such as paints, adhesives and alcohol that must be kept in rooms with induced ventilation and extinguishing system in case of fire.

In REFRIGERATED STORE are no products that require storage at temperatures just above zero controlled through thermal imaging systems for continuous recording.

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