Atitech DOA is an EASA Design Organisation (EASA.21J.468).

Under the scope of the EASA approval, Atitech DOA is authorised to provide engineering design services for changes and repairs to aircraft for cabin interiors, IFE, communication systems and external liveries.

Under this EASA Approval, Atitech DOA has the privilege to classify proposed design changes and repairs as either “major” or “minor”. For any changes or repairs that are classified as “minor”, Atitech DOA can provide direct approval. For changes or repairs classified as “major”, Atitech DOA will apply for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from EASA. The company is able to provide aircraft design solutions, compliant with the highest industry requirements.

Atitech DOA directly develop documentation with approved design data and design control in order to supply a complete design to delivery solution.

Atitech DOA can also develop Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA) to further support aircraft maintenance post design changes.

Obtaining the DOA certification, ATITECH S.p.A confirms the build-up of new engineering services resulting in a lengthening of the value chain of the “core business” focused on the heavy maintenance, in order to consolidate its presence in the MRO market.


Approval certificate