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Services Overview

Atitech has quickly become one of the most important maintenance company in the EMEA market.

It is the biggest independent MRO in Europe as it is able to host 20 airplanes under maintenance in the same area and several aircraft with an external area for further 15 aircraft for parking and storage.

The company offers maintenance services for the most modern airplanes and has a modern and state-of-the-art painting bay. The company has further developed composite repair skills (thrust reverser, flight controls, flap, slat, fairing, rudder, elevator).

base maintenance

We have first-hand experience across a wide range of aircraft types which allows us to support customers in all their needs, creating tailor-made solutions to improve release times, thus increasing the profitability of operations.

manutenzione di base
manutenzione di linea

line maintenance

We have authorizations to perform 24/7 line maintenance services and support our customers in more than 30 strategic locations around the world, including Rome, Naples, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Casablanca and Tunis.

shop area

Atitech can count on a wealth of loyal customers and is rapidly increasing its portfolio of third-party customers, offering its services to the majority of carriers present in EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa)


DOA organization

Atitech is able to provide design solutions compliant with the highest industry requirements, directly developing documentation with approved design data to provide ready-to-use solutions, also developing Continuous Airworthiness (ICA) instructions that allow you to manage aircraft maintenance even after the modification has been introduced.