Discover the values that guide our business model

Atitech, in carrying out its activities, act in compliance with the legislation and all the regulations in force in the territories in which it operates, as well as the principles of the Code.

Atitech ensures the confidentiality of the information and personal data being processed and the protection of the information acquired in relation to the work performed. The information obtained will not be used for its own interests or in ways that are contrary to the law or that are harmful to the objectives of the Company.

Honesty and fairness
Relations with Atitech stakeholders are based on criteria of correctness, collaboration, loyalty and mutual respect. The Recipients carry out their activities in the interest of the Company and must therefore not be subjected to any kind of pressure.

Valorisation and integrity of the person
Atitech protects and promotes the value of human resources, also contributing to increasing the wealth of skills possessed by each employee and favoring the logic of “teamwork”. Atitech is committed to promoting respect for the physical, moral and cultural integrity of the person, ensuring individual dignity and safe working environments. Atitech prohibits any and all forms of psychological, physical, sexual harassment against managers, employees, external collaborators, suppliers, customers or visitors. Harassment means any form of intimidation or threat that is an obstacle to the peaceful performance of one’s duties or the abuse by the superior of the position of authority.

Customer care and satisfaction
All business activities and behaviors are geared to the utmost attention to customers, with the aim of achieving optimal quality standards with a view to their best satisfaction, and this also in relation to post-sales processes. 

Responsabilità verso la collettività
Atitech opera tenendo conto delle esigenze della comunità nel cui ambito svolge la propria attività e contribuisce al suo sviluppo economico, ambientale, sociale, culturale e civile. 

Atitech undertakes to inform, if required by law and / or deemed of interest, in a clear and transparent manner all stakeholders in relation to their situation and their economic and management performance, without favoring any interest group or individual.