Atitech - Beyond flight
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In addition to heavy and light maintenance on Naples and Fiumicino bases and line maintenance on all bases, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of workshop activities:

  • Engines
  • Components (mechanical, composite, avionics, structural, wheels and brakes)
  • Cabin services
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Calibration


The wide experience as engines repair station in Rome and long-term cooperation with all the major engines OEM’s, such as GE, CFM, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, make Atitech a world-class player in engines repair management.

Main activities performed on the engines include, but are not limited to:
Build-up, QEC & LRU removal/installation on CFM56-5B, GE90 series, CF6-80E1, CF34-8E and CF34-10E engine models.
HPC boroblending, top case repair and turbine rear frame replacement on CFM56-5B engine models.
Splitting and mating of fan case module and propulsor on GE90 series engines
Inspection/repair of lower bifurcation on GE90 series engines.


Our component department boasts mechanical and composite shop, avionics shop, structural and metal sheet shop, wheels shop. The efforts for investing and enlarging the capability are continuous, as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of a brand-new autoclave supporting the composite shops.

Mechanical and composite shop

Overhaul and repair of A320 Family (CFM56) engine nacelles
Overhaul and repair of A330 (CF6-80E1), E175 (CF34- 8E5) and E190 (Cf34-10E) inlet cowls
Dedicated painting shop for finishing including markings and placards
Structural repairs of wing leading edges and flight control surfaces
Overhaul and repair of B777/Embraer crew seats
Overhaul and servicing of portable and crew oxygen
cylinders (certified DOT RIN D629)
Structural composite repairs for radomes, wing leading edges, flight control surfaces, fairings and engine parts for A320 Family, A330, B777 and Embraer
New autoclave for composites repair


Dedicated area with 8 manual test benches and 4 automatic test equipment for discharge, recharge and test control modules of all main batteries’ cells
Inspection and test for avionics components
Inspection and test for electrical parts (GCU, GAPCU, GPCU) – bench test AVTRON
Emergency Power Supply Units
Repair of external, logo, strobe lights
Bench test for B777 Family ADF receiver, VHF COM transceiver, VOR marker receiver, ILS receiver
Repair and rebuild of engine and landing gears wiring cables
Reading of wireless QAR, CVR and SFDR
Loading of boarding music and safety announcement
Repair of angle of attack, pressure, fuel and temperature sensors
Test bench for rotary and linear actuators
Welding station with camera for micro components


Repair and structural replacement for A320 Family, A330, B737, B767, B777, E175 and E190 in Naples and Rome facilities and in outstations
Local manufacturing and reworking of bushings, including Rib 5 for A320 Family and Rib 6 on A330
Local manufacturing and reshaping of structural parts
TIG welding and brazing on steel, titanium, magnesium and aluminum alloys

Wheels & Brakes Shop

Fully equipped to perform the replacement of inefficient tires on Airbus A320 and A330 aircraft.
Hub disassembly
Return of inefficient tires to the manufacture company
Hub washing
Non-destructive tests (eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particles)
Hub reconditioning and refitting
Bolt graphing
Re-inflation test of reconditioned tires
Bearing reassembly.
Entire cycle is completed within only 48 hours.

CABIN services

Atitech shops are capable to perform a wide range of activities on galleys, toilets, sidewalls, monuments, IFE and plastic repairs as well as manufacturing of all internal and external aircraft placards and decals.

Highly specialized technicians supported by the most advanced machinery and equipment guarantee world class cabin standards.

Cabin shop can manufacture carpets in any percentage of mixture nylon-wool, with edge or not, without any limitation.
The shop works on two shifts and is fully flexible to accept high urgency orders.

Atitech is moreover granted a Part 21J approval by EASA.21J.468 to undertake cabin modifications and repairs: these capabilities are consistently helping to accomplish customers plan and deliver the highest levels of cabin standards to the passengers.


NDT department inspects aircraft, engines and components with no limitation on aircraft and engine type.
All our inspectors are certified as Level II and III in accordance with international standards EN4179/NAS410 and can release EASA Form One and FAA Form 8130 for the following inspection methods:

Magnetic particles
Fluorescent Penetrant
Eddy Current

CALIBRATION laboratory

The laboratory can provide calibration of customer devices as EASA Part 145 certified (Part.145.A.40(b)) for equipment, tooling and material:

Pressure – Vacuum
Force – Temperature
Torque – Mass
Relative Humidity
Electrical – Electronics

Moreover, the laboratory offers the possibility to perform technological tests on aircraft parts and components such as load tests, tensile tests, chemical analysis and fluid samples (fuel, hydraulic, anti-icing)