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Training and work – Federico II and Gianni Lettieri’s Atitech signed the Understanding


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Training and work – Federico II and Gianni Lettieri’s Atitech signed the Understanding

This morning the University Federico II and Atitech S.p.A signed a Memorandum of Understanding meant to give birth to a joint research laboratory, the development of technologies targeted to market needs and the possibility for university students to enter the workplace.
Training, research, innovation, internationalization, public engagement and placement are at the core of the agreement that this morning the Rector Matteo Morito and the President Gianni Lettieri signed in the Board of Directors’ room of the University Federico II.
The idea is to collaborate to foster the dialogue between the production system and the University and Research, making space for young talented minds.
The Rector, Matteo Lorito states: “It’s a perfect match between private and public. Atitech is a fully Neapolitan company that works internationally being a leader in its sector. On the other hand, Federico II is well known, nationally and internationally, for its importance in the aerospace sector. We trained many engineers, who are able to develop and reinforce their talent and make a step into the workplace. It is a memorable moment for young people with a goal, as well as, for the aerospace research in Campania, which is at the national peak. The Memorandum foresees and exchange of interactions for the research and we will work next to Atitech to carry out innovative activities. We want to build a joint research laboratory that can both employ our engineers and aid to develop targeted technologies based on the marketplace.”


Gianni Lettieri, Atitech S.p.A President, affirms: “Southern Italy sees the lower percentage of businesses per number of inhabitants. We need more enterprises, however, the major issue is that we don’t know how to exploit the resources coming from our universities, meant to become a place where innovative businesses blossom. People often talk about Federico II without even giving the right credit to this University, where the first Economy class was born. ”
Lettieri goes on: “The Memorandum of Understanding signed this morning comes from the willingness to create virtuous synergies for enterprises and employment for young people, preventing the continuous brain drain. And I seize the opportunity to thank the Rector Matteo Morito and Professor Antonio Moccia. To avoid this, we are going to create an Innovation Center in Capodichino at Atitech where young people coming from our training school and graduate and undergraduate engineering students of the University Federico II will work together with our engineers.
Our goal is to flank the company and the territory towards the future of the aerospace sector. Around the world, especially in the US, there are university spin offs coming from everywhere, creating employment and wealth. We need to stop losing time and begin to make use of the contingent opportunities to welcome the development together with our universities. A big thanks to the Magnificent Rector for the sensibility and availability shown”.