In the Atitech’s hangar in Capodichino, inaugurated last May, 260 thousand vaccine doses have been administered.
Gianni Lettieri states: “It has been a proof of great organisational skills and intercompany cooperation. We hosted many people and we guaranteed all the due anti-Covid normative as well as vaccines administration in a short time. We all went through hard months and this is why I felt the duty to do, once again, something for my city. In only five days we moved away all the equipment from hangar Avio 2 – it was an incredible yet necessary work for the community. This terrible experience taught us how important it is for institutions to join forces and for the private and public sphere to collaborate. Closing the vaccine hub, as planned, it’s a sign that we are slowly getting out from the emergency, that people are keeping getting vaccinated and that we can finally take back our activities”

Gianni Lettieri made available for free a 10 thousand meter squared hangar, making possible the vaccine campaign to take off, reaching up to 6,000 vaccine administration per day. Over 150 personnel units daily employed, 14 acceptation boxes, 32 vaccine boxes, a security waiting area after the vaccine administration and free parking.

Gianni Lettieri continues: “We will keep following this path. We started almost a year ago, donating 20,000 FFP2 face masks to the regional sanitary system when they were difficult to get. We continued last Christmas, distributing 150 meals per day for free to families who were facing economic difficulties. Finally, we offered the President of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca, the possibility to freely make use of one of our hangars. We don’t wanna stop and we are ready for new solidarity initiatives. Unfortunately, the emergency is not over yet, we need to stay united and keep work together”.