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Convention Atitech in Fiumicino 2022


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Il Presidente Gianni Lettieri
Convention Atitech in Fiumicino 2022

Atitech Convention in Fiumicino 14 December 2022

Il Presidente Gianni Lettieri

Convention Atitech. The Presidente Gianni Lettieri speaks to the audience of the new employees of the former Alitalia Maintenance: “You must be proud of your professionalism. You are among the best and most competent in the world, but in recent years you have not been put in a position to work to the best of your ability. Today, together, we can make Atitech a company rooted in the territory and projected into the world, with a future perspective of over 20 years”.

Stefano Baldini, Olympic marathon champion in Athens 2004, guest of the Atitech convention: “There is a parallel between marathon and corporate commitment. In both cases, experience and sacrifice are needed to achieve results.” – Gianni Lettieri, president of Atitech: “We need to start with the finish line in mind. The head wins before the legs.”

Stefano Baldini
Gianni Letta

Gianni Letta, guest of the Atitech convention: “When Meridie, Gianni Lettieri’s investment company, purchased Atitech in 2009 I was undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. I remember the nights spent trying to reach an agreement at the union tables. I remember Lettieri’s determination during the negotiations: he strongly wanted to find a solution for this company and wanted to understand how this sector worked.”

Osvaldo Ciaravola, Atitech operations director: “Here in Fiumicino we were welcomed with a proactive spirit. We must continue to work as one team. In a company placed under administration, it was inevitably not possible to invest in training and new certifications. We will make up for this lost time.”

Ovaldo Ciaravola
Ospiti Convention Atitech 2022

Some guests of the Atitech convention. From left: Francesco Alfonsi (UGL), Gianni Letta, Fabio Lazzerini (CEO ITA Airways)