Solidarity Christmas 2021 has begun: the first vans containing hot meals to be delivered to 200 families in difficulty left this morning from Capodichino Nord. The meals will be distributed in the Secondigliano area, San Pietro a Patierno and Arenaccia, in Naples.

This year Atitech has doubled its charity cause, guaranteeing 200 deliveries per day and extending the project until 9 January 2022. The initiative was born from the collaboration between Gianni Lettieri, CEO of Atitech, the Larsec di Vincenzo Strino Association, Banca Credito Cooperative whose president is Antonio Manzo and the collaboration of the cooks of the La Bufala brothers.

Gianni Lettieri affirms: “Unfortunately, Coronavirus emergency marks also this Christmas. Given the positive outcomes of last year, we thought to keep giving our support and to extend the initiative. The pandemic has stressed social inequalities and reduced a lot of families to poverty. We should all do what’s in our capacities, in order to help the ones in need. Lettieri continues: “In 2020, I realized a wish of mine: to make use of the corporate canteen to the advantage of less fortunate people of the area. In 16 days we distributed 2400 meals. This year, we will distribute 3800 meals in 19 days, extending the iniziative until January 9th”

Every day there is a different menu. Meals are daily taken from the canteen of Atitech’s headquarter and delivered still warm to the different areas. This wouldn’t be possible without the help of 30 Larsec’s volunteers that take turns on distributions. A solidarity chain that keeps renewing itself to help the ones in difficult situations.